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We take pride in building your new custom home because you deserve the best.

Our promise to you is a luxury product in a desirable Toronto community. We only use the finest materials and take the utmost care in constructing your home – no detail is overlooked. That’s the reputation we built. Our service team will remain available to you once construction is complete to ensure that your dream home stays that way.

Land Sellers

A measured approach to planning communities and building great homes.

There’s no cutting corners. Our home buyers know that our product will stand the test of time. And it starts with the supply of land we have in coveted and affluent areas throughout Toronto. We are engaged with the neighbourhoods in which we build and always maintain a clean and safe construction site. Because these are our neighbours, too.

Our Design and
Build process

Step 1

The building of your new home begins with an initial consultation where we’ll meet with you to outline the scope of the project. We will go over all associated costs and set an estimated price as well as a budget for the development. We will also create a schedule for completion dates. Our team will then survey the land and work with the architect, engineers and city planning officials to design your home and begin the approval process for appropriate building permits.

Step 2

At this point, our team will enlist experts to help you design your dream home. You’ll meet with interior designers to map out kitchen and bathroom design, and plan the built-in(s) where you want them, including, including electrical and smart-home technology. We will consult structural suppliers to customize the design of your home and you’ll be able to select the building materials for all exterior, interior and flooring. You will also decide on millwork and cabinetry as well as appliances and exterior cladding at this stage.

Step 3

Now it’s time to prepare the construction site and begin the building process. We will remain in touch with you to provide updates at various stages throughout as well as any approvals or changes as needed.

Step 4

In this final step, we manage and oversee the skilled trades professionals building your home. Our team monitors work completion so that we remain on schedule and provides quality assurance every step of the way to address any issues that may arise. After overseeing final inspections, we will happily hand over the keys to your new home.

Be part of a community that will stand the test of time.

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Professional. Genuine. Above and beyond

Diana Jovanovski and Sam Moussaoui

When my wife and I met Anat, Edit, and Laszlo from Greenfield Quality Builders, we had spent months searching for a new home without success. However, from our first meeting with the Greenfield team, we knew our luck was about to change. We could tell they were professional, genuine, and went above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs.

Our new home impressed us from the first time we viewed it. It featured a modern and functional layout, excellent workmanship, beautiful finishings, and high-end appliances. It was so spotless and well-constructed that when we did our walk-through inspection, we barely identified any items that needed to be addressed.

Having been in our home for a few years now, we can confidently say that it not only looks great but was built to last. We would definitely recommend Greenfield Quality Builders to anyone searching for a new home.

Beyond our expectations.

M Chang and R Eng

The home we purchased from Greenfield Quality Builders didn’t just meet our expectations; it exceeded them. It stood out from the other homes we had looked at because of its stylish yet timeless design and luxurious finishes. However, it wasn’t just the appearance of the home that won us over. When we visited it for the first time, we noticed that it was built well and had a very functional layout, especially given the size of the lot.

We also had a fantastic experience working with Anat and Laszlo. Throughout the process, they were quick to respond to our questions, and we were amazed by the effort they put into following up with us even after we purchased our home.

We are extremely satisfied with our home and the support we received from the Greenfield team. As a result, we’d be happy to recommend Greenfield to our friends and family.